How much does it cost to hire a virtual assistant?

time vs money

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably aware of the benefits of outsourcing, but concerned about taking on a new expense.

It may not be obvious right away, but paying a virtual assistant to handle some of your business tasks will actually make you money in the long run!

Look at the number of hours you spend working on your business, then determine which tasks are using up time you could be spending on more important things. Think about how much more you could be earning if you spent all of your working hours on the tasks that make you money!

Let’s say you hire a VA to work five hours a month on tasks that are essential to your business, but don’t show immediate return. You’ve now freed up five more hours for billable tasks.

Virtual Assistant rates normally range from $35 to $50 per hour, or more, depending on the type of work you need completed and the VA’s background and skills. So even though you’re paying your VA $175 to $250, your earning potential has gone up significantly more.

When you think about it, you really can’t afford not to start outsourcing!

If you don’t need someone with a lot of experience, consider hiring someone who’s just starting out, as their rates will usually be lower.

Ask the VAs you’re considering whether they offer introductory rates to new clients and/or reduced fees if you commit to a minimum number of hours each month. Depending on the nature of your business, some might even be willing to accept products or services from you as full or partial payment.

Just remember: If you want to grow your business, you have to be willing to make that investment. You will definitely see a return on your investment in the form of increased productivity, more income, and a much more smoothly run business!

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