How a VA Can Support Your Social Media Marketing

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There’s no question that social media has an important role in business today. If you’re in any doubt, check out these statistics! The ways a virtual assistant (VA) can help you with your social media marketing depends on your current situation.

If you’d like to start using social media in your business but have no idea where to begin, a virtual assistant can bring you up to speed on the most important sites, locate specialty sites that are specific to your industry or area of interest, get you signed up, and set up your profiles. A VA can also help you get started by connecting you with people from your existing contact list.

If you’ve already signed up for some social media sites but are having difficulty dealing with connection requests and other messages, a VA can be a tremendous asset. We can keep these messages out of your inbox and log into your accounts on a regular basis, dealing with any routine items and notifying you of those that require your attention. This will help you to maintain your online presence with minimal investment of your time.

Maybe you want to really leverage the value of social media but just don’t have the time. No worries, we can help with that too! Whether you want to showcase your expertise, find important contacts to network with, or have another goal altogether, we will work with you to develop strategies to achieve whatever you have in mind.

Since social media marketing is an ongoing process, you’ll gain the most benefit if you hire a VA to work for you on a regular basis, even if it’s only for a few hours a month. When you form a long-term relationship with your virtual assistant, they will become very familiar with your business, and will be able to suggest even more strategies to free up your time and increase your profits. Browse or search our Member Directory to find the right VA to help you with your social media requirements.

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