Is Your Schedule Out of Balance?

Is Your Schedule Out of Balance?

Life today consists of a flurry of activities, including work, shopping, family, household chores, social engagements, community service, continuing education; the list goes on and on. In fact, there may be days when you find yourself eating “on the run” or while you’re working, or rushing from one place to another with little or no break in between. Although you may feel that you have to maintain this pace in order to meet all of your commitments, if you keep it up too long, you’ll get tired and stressed out, and unable to do your best at anything.

If this sounds like you, it’s time for you to revise your schedule. You may feel that you don’t have a choice, but you do – even if it only means choosing to explore your options.

If you work outside the home, here are some changes you may want to consider.

  • Take advantage of services such as cleaning, lawn and garden care, so you don’t spend your weekends working at home, after working all week.
  • Online banking and shopping will also free up time, allowing you to relax during your lunch hour and go right home after work. In addition, you’ll spend less money on gas, another important consideration these days!
  • Hire a Virtual Assistant to keep track of when car service, medical, dental and vision check-ups are due, and to schedule and remind you of your appointments. Consider it an investment in your peace of mind and physical well-being.

If you operate a home-based business, you generally have more flexibility in your work schedule, as long as you’re available to meet with or speak to your clients when their schedule dictates. Unfortunately, that doesn’t guarantee balance – a great number of home-based business owners confess to working 60 or more hours a week. When you don’t actually leave your place of work at the end of the workday, it’s very tempting to squeeze in “just one more thing,” especially if you’re passionate about your business.

Nonetheless, there are steps you can take to revise your schedule.

  • Set regular working hours and only work outside those hours under extenuating circumstances. Note that this doesn’t have to mean 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. One of the benefits of working from home is being able to plan your work around your family and personal commitments, as well as scheduling your activities to take advantage of your natural energy cycles.
  • If possible, keep your home office separate from your living space, so you can physically leave it when your work is done for the day.
  • Hire a Virtual Assistant to take over the tasks that are cutting into your personal time.

If your life isn’t out of balance, share your secrets for keeping it together in the Comments!

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