You Must Have a Social Media Strategy

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When we hear social media, social media marketing, or social media networking, we automatically think about LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and maybe YouTube. But there is so much more to social media such as blogging, niche specific social channels, audio, video, and others.

Companies are being pressured into the whole social media thing from lots of angles. They’re reading about it in the press, they’re seeing it everyday on TV, their PR agency is asking them about it.

What does it mean and where do you start?

One has a lot to consider once you seriously decide to enter social media and the social networks. There are many opportunities to slide off the rails or have your efforts fall apart.

The success of your social media efforts and plans rise and fall on your strategy. And without a clear and effective strategy in place, you are doomed to failure within social media marketing.  It’s like a builder without a blueprint, not knowing where to lay the foundation.

First, know what the intent of your social media and the networks you join will be. Are you hoping to improve awareness and open communication about your brand, services or organization? Are you looking to increase your customer base?  Are you looking to reach new markets and open new channels of customers for sales or memberships? Are you making informational products that you want to distribute?

Knowing your intent drives which path you take.

Strategy isn’t the goal; it’s the path you plan to take to get there; and should always precede activity. The social media strategy needs to be closely connected to a company’s marketing game plan and overall business objectives.

An effective social media assessment will help to identify the appropriate starting point and direction you need to take.

A social media specialist can work with you to perform an effective assessment.

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