Consistency in Social Media


It’s not enough to just set up profiles and then not actively engage on a daily basis. Having a routine and staying committed to the process are key. Also staying focused on your target market requires discipline. Building your presence takes time.

Having a central hub is important. Increasingly, businesses are creating a blog as their “go to” site. Why? The social media audience loves fresh content. Unlike static websites, blog sites now offer you the ability to continually offer fresh, new information to your audience. This platform also allows your audience to comment back to you, giving you the feedback every business owner needs to stay on top of their clients’ needs and wants.

In order to build a visible presence on the web, you’ve got to be consistent. Doing this once in a while is not going to help your business and it takes consistency to build up a presence that creates ambient awareness.

Is your image consistent?

When I talk about your image, I mean the visual image you create and you present across the web. That includes your picture; the name that you use on your social networking sites and your blog and your home pages. Make sure you’re using the same business name per niche; if you have multiple niches then you have to do this for each niche. Banners, backgrounds, your headshot, your colours, your logo, whatever it is, the look and feel of your image across the web must be consistent.

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