How to Avoid Virtual Assistant/Client Mismatches

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Over the years, many GHVA members have attended the Online International Virtual Assistants Convention (OIVAC), where we’ve had the opportunity to learn from professionals in the areas of business, technology, communication, coaching, marketing, and social media as well as commercial technology experts, VA coaches and trainers.

In one presentation, Letting Go of “D” (Difficult) Clients, OIVAC founder Sharon Williams described ten types of “bad” clients:

  1. Free Samples Guy expects you to complete a project for free before he agrees to sign a contract.
  2. Scope Creep Gal agrees to a set price for a small project, which gradually grows into a much larger one.
  3. Vague Victor doesn’t really know what he wants.
  4. Fannie Freebie can’t afford to pay you, but tries to tempt you with the “ideal” volunteer opportunity.
  5. Mr. Unavailable doesn’t respond to your emails, then wonders why his work isn’t completed.
  6. Clingy Sue wants constant progress reports and communicates with you multiple times each day.
  7. Revisionist Ronnie never finds your work quite good enough.
  8. Gossip Girl wants to discuss her personal life or previous VAs.
  9. “The check is in the mail.” ‘Nuff said!
  10. The Lowballer tries to negotiate a lower rate than you charge your other clients.

If you’re in the market for a virtual assistant, do you see yourself on the above list? Of course, you have every right to expect excellence from your VA, but mutual respect is the key to all successful relationships. You’re far more likely to form a thriving long-term partnership if you articulate your requirements clearly, respond to all your VA’s questions on a timely basis, and treat him or her with the same courtesy you would give to any other professional.

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