Vision Board Workshop

Date: December 13, 2022
Time: 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

GHVA Member Tamara Riddell is looking forward to hosting a totally-for-fun, Vision Board workshop for our GHVA group for the December meeting. The plan is to come together on Zoom, get a little creative, and enjoy some “me” time.

Let’s have some fun and enjoy a few laughs together while we decide exactly how we’re going to make 2023 rock as we kick 2022 to the curb!

See additional information below.

What you can do to prepare:

Do you have a word or theme for the year?

If so, bring that!!

If not, or if you are not sure what the heck I am talking about, let me know and I can send you a link to an exercise that I have done in the past that has helped get my head into the right space for it.  It doesn’t take long and is offered at no cost by the creator.

Think about how you want to experience your vision board…

This being virtual, I won’t be able to share my physical supplies but here are a couple of ideas for how you may want to proceed.

Do you want it to be digital?

Canva and Pinterest are two online options. Both require setting up accounts in advance if you don’t have one already but they are two viable alternatives. Canva has both a paid and free level – free is all you need! I have created things in the free level that are way more than I ever thought possible.

If this is for you, take a look at each platform ahead of time to see which speaks to you. I am not an expert in either but happy to share what I know and give you some pointers ahead if you need them. Just reach out to me before the event.

Do you prefer a physical item you can hold and have when we are done?

Collect any old magazines you have around (libraries are a great resource when they get rid of old issues either free or low-cost), a poster board or corkboard, scissors, glue or push pins, and have them at the ready for the event.

No magazines available? See above with digital options – you can create in Canva, Pinterest or even Google Images and print off the images that you would like to use. Alternatively, with Canva, you can get your entire Vision Board printed when you’re done. I have also created custom images with quotes or sayings that I like then printed them off to glue on my boards.

Other notes:

Vision board ideas that are NOT pictures:

Words of Gratitude – remind yourself of what you are grateful for

Parts of a Map – what is on your bucket list for travel/living/experiencing in the world?

Notes to Your Future Self: Tell yourself where you want to go

Sentimental Objects: Memories of good times/feelings/experiences to get your higher vibes resonating

  • Goals, dreams in all areas of my life, or in just one area – Career, Relationship, Finances, Family, Health
  • Choose images or words/phrases/affirmations that symbolize the experiences, and feelings you want to attract into your life
  • Keep it neat and selective – you can have many images/words to start but narrow them down so that it is purposeful and thoughtful
  • Prompts if you are stuck – My Purpose, My Ideal Future, Positive Emotions, I want to feel…, How you want to show up in life
  • Keep in present tense – I am rather than I will.
  • Does not need to be perfect – it is a launching point – if you don’t have time to finish, you can continue after on your own

That’s it!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. My email is

I look forward to working on this with you and seeing what we can bring to 2023!

I have attached a PDF –  it is a sampling of some inspiring words and quotes that you can either print and cut out for your board if you are doing a paper copy or perhaps will give you some ideas and perhaps inspiration for what to add to your digital boards. Download the PDF.