Own Your Time

Date: September 14, 2023
Time: 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Guest Presenter: Brad Fitzsimmons of Purpose Driven Freedom

Hello everyone,

I am Brad Fitzsimmons, father, husband, entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Purpose Driven Freedom Inc. I work three days a week and pick up my kids before and after school every day while running four companies. I teach business owners how to increase the value of their lives and businesses by working under 30 hours per week, taking 30 consecutive days fully disconnected and we do it in 30 months. As a result, our business owners increase profitability by an average of 297% and their business value by 2497%. For our session on September 14th, I am happy to guide your group through the nuances of our “Own Your Time” exercise which is part of our “Freedom On Purpose” Program designed to help business owners use their business to create personal and professional freedom.

We often overlook time’s finite nature without contemplating how we spend it. With 8765 hours in a year and 168 hours in a week, it’s essential to evaluate and align our time expenditure with our ideal scenarios.

As business owners, it’s not just about owning a business but also about owning your time. If you’ve experienced guilt at work when you feel like you should be with family or vice versa, this exercise will help alleviate these feelings by creating a balanced time management approach.
Remember, stress often arises from inaction over controllable aspects. Our exercise offers a fresh approach to mastering your time management, easing stress, and reclaiming your time.

Here is a link if anyone wants a headstart on the session.

Brad Fitzsimmons
Founder and CEO
Purpose Driven Freedom Inc.