June 16, 2020 6:30 - 8:00 pm

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Discussion Topic: Screening Potential Clients


Before you take on a new client, you need to determine whether you have the skills to meet the clients needs, whether you and the client are a good fit, and whether you actually want to work with this person.

How do you recognize "red flags" that might indicate possible obstacles to working with this client?

What questions do you ask?

How do you ask these questions, and at what stage?

What's worked - and hasn't worked so well - for you?




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Guest List

Manda Zalac
Alyson Scott
Alyson Scott
Liz Urichuk
Elizabeth Krajewski
Sheila Penton
Cathy Densmore
Jan Whiting
Salma Burney
Tamara Riddell
Kate Sullivan
Janet Barclay
Jacquie Manore

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